Owner's Information


Thank you for your selection of Pleasurecraft (PCM) Marine Levitator engine for your boating needs. We welcome you to
Team PCM, which puts you in the company of tens of thousands of boaters who have relied on Pleasurecraft inboards as
their power of choice for over 30 years.

When you chose PCM, you selected the utmost in premium airboat power for your application. Pleasurecraft is the
world's largest manufacturer of gasoline marine inboards, and the clear-cut leader in cutting edge technology. Over the
years, we have introduced many breakthrough innovations that quickly became industry standards. The pyramidal exhaust
system, light-weight transmission, computerized engine control and the Fuel Control Cell (FCC) are all PCM innovations.
No matter which PCM model you purchased, you can be sure it is equipped with the latest in modern technology for
added performance and durability.

READ THIS MANUAL THOROUGHLY before operating your engine.

Owners Manual 2018 – Present [PDF]

Owners Manual Past – 2017 [PDF]